I have to thank Keg, both for commenting on my post “I Have Not Been to the Mountain,” and for pointing out an obvious error in my writing.

In that post, I bemoaned the lack of Latino icons. I should have specified, however, that I was talking about the dearth of positive or uplifting leaders. After all, there are plenty of negative Hispanic icons. So I should have been clearer about that.

There’s a larger issue, however, which is that I didn’t make it clear that my focus is on Hispanics in the United States rather than in Latin America. This goes beyond that individual post. Indeed, the whole point of this blog is to discuss Latino life in the United States. If you notice, I spend very little time addressing what takes place in foreign countries (an exception is my post about the Argentinean duende, which still had a tangential relationship to American issues and was just too damn funny to pass on).

So I thank her for forcing me to hone my writing. And while we’re at it, I want to point out that I’m still getting a handle on this blog (now in its third month) and its parameters. Right now, I’m leaning toward emphasizing bigger issues that can be explored in longer posts, or more autobiographical entries that (hopefully) illustrate some larger themes. This means I’ll have fewer conversational posts about fast-breaking issues, but you can get that anywhere (notice that I skipped commenting on this week’s immigration-reform protest marches).

I remain curious about how this blog is developing. Once again, your feedback is always welcome. Well, maybe not always – let’s not get carried away – but feel free to post a reply.

Otherwise, stay tuned for more rants and profanity.