Last week, a Latina filed a lawsuit because her victory in the Miss California USA pageant was rescinded. She claims that the pageant’s organizers changed their minds about her fitness for this crucial role after they heard her speaking Spanish to “certain vendors,” an unquestionably shady group. She’s alleging racial bias and asking for a cool half-million.

I have no idea if her case has any validity. Maybe her crown was taken back because she got snippy with the runner-up, or she has garlic breath, or she doesn’t fit into the size negative-four dress that’s mandatory for beauty queens, or her pledge to work for world peace was a little short on the specifics. I don’t know.

But if her version of the case is correct, it sets a bad precedent – not for beauty pageants, because nobody gives a damn about them. No, if she was ditched because she’s Hispanic, it’s beyond ominous.

You know what that would mean, don’t you? That’s right. Now even our hot women aren’t immune from discrimination.