First, let me give belated thanks to Melissa for commenting on my post “It’s Much Prettier in Spanish.” She displays sound logic when it comes to learning a foreign language. Also, thanks to Angelina (!) for posting a reply to “Becoming a Trendsetter,” although the Fanatic ever so mildly suspects that she allowed sarcasm to infiltrate her comment.

Second, let me apologize. Because of my travel schedule and various personal commitments (always a cryptic term), I will be unable to post new entries for about a week. It will hopefully be sooner than that, but I want to guess on the long side so people don’t say, “Look how many days have passed without an update; I knew he’d burn out on this blog thing quickly.” We can’t have that, so save your hate emails and angry comments, because I’ll have something fresh by this time next week.

In the meantime, here is a completely unrelated video of a dog licking peanut butter to keep you entertained until I get back.