In honor of Mother’s Day, allow me to give a shout out to all the moms across the blogosphere. Let me also take the time to make a plea to those who are considering becoming a mother through adoption.

My request is that you look south. There are plenty of Latino infants for you to choose from.

I know what you’re saying. Hispanic babies have simply not become fashion accessories like African or Asian infants have. This is true.

There are perfectly good orphans in Central America, but the celebrity moms and dads appear to swoop only into places like Vietnam and Mauritania. Can’t they take home just one adorable brown kid to complete their ethnic menagerie? I would think that, at the very least, Angelina Jolie would have snagged a Bolivian child in her relentless quest to form a toddler UN.

But alas, this has not happened, and Guatemala is a perpetual second to China when it comes to Americans going abroad for the offspring needs.

You can change all that. Look past the obvious cuteness of Asian babies. Decline that trip to a Pacific archipelago to see the latest batch of infants.

Instead, grab your husband/wife/partner and say, “Damn it, let’s get a Nicaraguan baby! Today!”

You won’t regret it.