I want to thank Pipil, Ankhesen, Macon D, Cooper, Godheval, and AZHispanic for their recent comments on my posts. I hope that they will continue to read my articles as this site morphs once again.

You see, I’ve started contributing to Change.Org, an online hub for social issues and political topics. You can read my first post for them here.

So in the future, some of my posts will link to their site. Don’t worry, you won’t be inconvenienced beyond one click of your mouse. And the good news is that I will be updating the blog more frequently.

And since we’re on the subject of social change, here’s an update on one of the latest issues to bedevil Hispanics: the U.S Census. Actress Rosario Dawson and her non-profit group, Voto Latino, are mobilizing Latinos to fill out their census forms. Clearly, Dawson is more than just a pretty face.