Due to numerous fiery complaints (ok, two casual criticisms), I’m going to clarify an issue with the blog. The “Comments” section is too miniscule to be accessed easily. However, I do not have a burning desire to spend hours creating row upon row of HTML, so I’m sticking with this template. Oh, those wacky Hispanics and their technological limitations.

So if you ever want to reply to one of my observations, simply scroll to the bottom of the post and click on the tiny word “Comments.” This will also allow you to see what other people have written.

Speaking of which, I thank Don for offering the first official comment and for backing up my noble intentions. Props to you, sir!

RUG had kind words for the Fanatic, which I appreciate. And she had fresh observations of her own. Most cool.

L John presented two comments, and Lori asked a direct question. So I’ll go ahead and answer those in the next post.