The Fanatic doesn’t celebrate many milestones. Perhaps it’s because of a sullen cynicism bred into the very core of my Gen X being. Or maybe it’s centuries of Latino paranoia that makes me think, “Somebody in a position of power is going to steal this moment from me.” Or perhaps it’s my strong sense of humility and modesty that prevents me from boasting… actually, who are we kidding? It can’t possibly be that last one.

In any case, I’m going to take a moment to acknowledge the significance of this post. It the one hundredth piece to be published on The Hispanic Fanatic.

Yes, I know. Pop the champagne (or perhaps more appropriately, pour that tequila). It’s been fun, and even enlightening, for me to post all these observations, anecdotes, opinions, profiles, and rants that would otherwise just rattle around in my obsessive-compulsive mind.

Because of these one hundred pieces, I have received dozens of insightful comments, had my worldview challenged, provoked the occasional reader, gotten into a flame war with an angry Chicano, snagged a gig at the Huffington Post, and pissed off at least one member of my family.

So I’ve enjoyed it, and I plan to go on as long as I have something to say. It could be a month or a decade. I guess we’ll see. In the meantime, I thank you for reading.